The Impulse Training System is a machine which was created to actually train the neurologic system to efficiently control acceleration and deceleration from the core.

Athletes, and even the general public, are constantly being reminded of the importance of proper core strength and training.  However, it’s not simply about having toned abs or a flat stomach.  The purpose of working the core is because it is the central part of your body, and the muscles that comprise it on both the front and back sides of your torso not only support your spine but allow for balance, coordination, explosive power, endurance, and confidence.  When those muscles are not trained properly, all of those important functions suffer.

Therefore, since there are no weights or elastic components, the Impulse Trainer was designed to be 100% safe, so that the user can produce forces which are unattainable through ANY other form of exercise.

Not only is the Impulse Training System the tool used by many athletic greats in their gyms, training centers, and even homes, but it is an incredible tool for rehabilitation and injury prevention for all individuals.

In short, results on the field, as well as in the lab, confirm that the Impulse Trainer can undeniably create results for participants in any sport.  It provides quicker returns in motion and pain management than any other device, and we're proud to offer it to the patients in our office.


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