This incredible tool has been gaining visibility throughout the world of professional sports, and we are proud to be the only office in Georgia to offer this sought-after treatment.

The ARP (Accelerated Recovery Performance) unit is an electronic stimulation device that uses a direct current with a high-frequency waveform that allows the stimulation to pass through the skin and fatty tissue, so that it can actually reach deep into the muscle.

While you may have experienced other conventional neuromuscular electric stimulators, the ARP actually allows for a full range of motion from the muscle while producing little inhibitory protective responses from the muscle.

Because of this, the therapeutic effects from these treatments includes a marked decrease in inflammation, increased blood flow to the injured area, which helps facilitate tissue repair, and a decrease in post-surgical muscle atrophy, as well as a breakup of scar tissue.

Additionally, ARP therapy also delivers a drastic reduction in injury recovery time, which is extremely beneficial for athletes at all levels.  This device doesn’t simply treat the symptoms of your discomfort; it actually works on the underlying problem, so that you can not only return to the activities you love, but also have an increased resistance to future injuries.



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