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What About My Child Athlete?

While extremely important for collegiate and professional athletes, chiropractic care, soft tissue mobilization, and proper rehabilitation is just as important, if not more so, for child athletes. 


According to the National Safe Kids Campaign, more than 30 million children participate in organized sports each year, and that number is higher if we include other recreational activities such as in-line skating, bike riding, and skateboarding.  With these high numbers of participation comes a high rate of injury, with about 775,000 children being treated in hospital emergency rooms each year.

Basically, children are more susceptible to sports-related injuries because their reaction times are slower than that of adults.  With their continued growth, their coordination suffers, and overuse injuries can surface from the added stress on their musculoskeletal systems.  However, being active is extremely imperative when it comes to childhood health, so we shouldn’t stop our children from playing all sports simply because they may increase the likelihood of injury.  Their benefits outweigh the risks.

Therefore, our goal is to work with your children so that they are able to function at a higher level while resisting injuries that may result from improper form, muscular imbalances, and neurological impediments.  It is also important to note that chiropractic care will not only help prevent injury, but it will also help to improve coordination, depth perception, reaction time, and alertness.

Treatment with us will not only include checks for balance in the tone of the muscles and a normal range of motion (strength, flexibility, and symmetry from left to right side), but also education on proper nutrition and exercise for the child’s particular sport when working on his or her own.

Additionally, we offer one-on-one as well as group training for child athletes that is specifically tailored to the needs of their sports.  If your child dreams of one day competing at the college level or beyond, we know how to help him or her get to the level at which he or she needs to be in order to be a contender.


When you think of some of the great athletes of our time, many of them did not get to where they are by simply attending team practices and neglecting their training in the rest of their lives.  A lot of them trained with separate trainers from a very young age, who gave them an advantage over their peers because they were taught not only how to condition their bodies for their sport, but also how to eat and train so their bodies would, in essence, become highly efficient machines.

Therefore, if we imagine that our bodies are no different from a car or a computer, then understanding the importance of getting all of our parts to work in a fluid state is extremely important for children who want to participate at the top tier of their sports.

If you would like to know more about what we can do for the young, aspiring athlete in your life, please contact our Buford office at (770) 614-6551 for more information.


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