When most people think of chiropractic medicine, they think of doctors who simply deal with back and spine issues.  If your back hurts, you go to a chiropractor.  If you have a bulging disc, you go to a chiropractor; however, what about if you have an ankle sprain or chronic shoulder irritation?

Generally, most people would spend a great deal of money to go to their doctor, who would then refer them to a specialist, who would then simply prescribe a round of physical therapy visits to help strengthen the area around the injury.  While building up the muscles around our joints is important so that they can withstand force and repetitive motion, that alone will not prevent further injury or even treat the real issue.

Conventional medicine would suggest that things like sprains and muscle strains take weeks, if not months, to heal, but here at Georgia Spine and Sports Rehab, Dr. Krzemien believes that all injuries actually originate because of a breakdown within the neurological system.           

Since the brain controls the body by sending nerve impulses to the muscles when you are in the process of moving any part of your body, rapid responding nerves lead to rapid responding muscles.  However, if your spine is out of alignment or if there is inflammation within the muscles themselves, those impulses which are being sent from the brain will not be able to travel to their destination as quickly.  When this happens, muscle contraction is slowed down, and the muscle is no longer able to adequately absorb force, which leads to injury and pain.

Therefore, physical therapy alone would only strengthen the site of the pain, without actually healing the neurological process behind the injury.  In essence, pain is not where the actual injury began—it’s where the damage ended.

With this in mind, Dr. Krzemien uses a unique treatment approach which integrates both chiropractic and physical therapy so that recovery time can be drastically accelerated, while the chance of injury recurrence is extremely reduced.    

In addition, since Dr. Krzemien’s office is one of the most advanced in the Southeast, he is able to use specific diagnostic tools which have been created to locate and heal damage at the original site of injury.  Once corrected, immediate pain, swelling reduction, and an increased range of motion will be experienced.  When this happens, only then will the muscles be prepared to go through a rehabilitation program which will help them withstand further trauma.


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